An African-Canadian writer and artist living in Toronto, Canada, I was born in Zimbabwe in a small mining town. When I was two my father, D. Richard Clews, a geologist, moved us to Zambia, where my two brothers were born.

We lived in Kafue National Park in Zambia, the largest game park in Africa, while my father worked for an American mining company prospecting for copper in that region.

My formative years were spent in the jungle, barefoot, living in a compound of mud huts, with many wild animals and the wonderful Ndembu people. With little but my imagination and the accoutrements of nature, I wiled away my childhood in a bliss that I have always been grateful for. My deep resonance with a tribal spirituality and perspective on life remain fundamental to my work.

We lived in England before immigrating to Canada after my father obtained his doctorate in Geochemistry.

I studied Fine Arts, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies at York University, reading voraciously and widely. Married for 15 years, had 2 children, who are now grown. A few publications and art shows here and there.

The nature of my oeuvre? Writing, painting, editing a videopoem, dancing arise out of a singular process and so my focus, the plethora, the multiple callings, the obsessive muse, is to develop a creative practice that integrates multiplicities - the prism rather than the spotlight, or multiple spotlights. Where else do you flee? How do you combine yourself? A multi-media work may include poetry, painting, theory, dance, recordings and video, an approach that may be seen at my Art and Writings website.

Horizon After Horizon of Singing Bowls

Bowl After Singing Bowl of Horizons, a prose poem of my life in sections, part scrapbook, part travelogue, an immigrant poem of the always arriving with its tracings of memories of the singing bowls of horizons traversed, maps a journey across continents...and is embedded in the following nineteen photomontages. The full poem is appended here.


A popular type of album at Facebook - so I made my own. Through the Years, and yes, moi, mostly. Sorry - a bio page! The photos are tiny in size because I downloaded from Facebook (no idea where all these photos are on my hard drive :)).